Dimitris Sgouros Interview on Australian SBS TV


Written, presented, produced and directed by Pria Viswalingam for SBS TV Australia 1995

(Actual filming took place around 1994)

Program Synopsis

"Fork in the Road" is a people-based travel series involving living, talking and eating with local folk in off-the-beaten-track locations - a travel series for the truly adventurous arm-chair traveller!

In this episode, we have the rare opportunity to view Athens through the eyes of American/Australian travel writer Charles Sriber, the pianist Dimitris Sgouros and the jewelry designer Ilias Lanaounis...


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Viswalingam -   Athens - smog, traffic, tasteless architecture. Citizens of no mean city, Athenians dismiss it all in a welter of warmth and vitality. Things have been worse, they might even get better. In this upbeat city, everyone's an optimist.

[Sgouros seated by the piano in his home, playing excerpts from Liszt's Venice and Naples]

Sgouros -   I feel very Greek and I am very Greek and I'm proud of being Greek for no matter if Europe is united... we never have to forget that Greece was the first country that gave the light to all the other European countries...

Viswalingam (voiceover) -   In the world of classical music, 24 year old Dimitris Sgouros is already legendary. A child prodigy who's matured into a serious concert soloist with an appetite!

[Sgouros seated at the dining table of his home facing Viswalingam]

Viswalingam -   Do you do much cooking?

Sgouros -   No I don't know how to cook, but I know how to eat, actually I'm a very good eater I would say... especially icecream...

Viswalingam -  (Laughter) You have a kitchen here, what is the kitchen used for?

Sgouros -   I just work... it's just a creation..

Viswalingam -  (Laughter)

Sgouros -   So if Germany and Austria do have people like Beethoven, or Brahms, or Liszt, then Greece has got Aristotles, has got Socrates, has got Pericles, has got Sophocles(?) has got a Parthenon... whatever it is... has got an Alexander the Great. So, you know, one is giving to the other....



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Sgouros playing excerpts from Liszt's Venice and Naples   Sgouros is a picture of concentration at the keyboard      
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Sgouros at Carnegie Hall - April 30, 1986   Treasured memories: Sgouros with Herbert von Karajan   Sgouros seated at the dining table in his home  
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Sgouros chats with Pria Viswalingam of SBS TV   Looking towards the kitchen   Sgouros' many awards and decorations line the wall of the room  



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